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Senior Living Petcare
nursing home cat sitter
Dallas nursing home pet sitter
Dallas nursing home petcare
nursing home cat sitter

Our Senior Living Petcare visits may include:

Dog walking/exercising

Fresh food and water

Install/maintain auto feeders & water fountains

Maintain pet supplies (food, cat litter, etc.)

Administering any necessary medications

Status updates for primary caregivers


Pet ownership is especially common amongst seniors, who, often living on their own, find the company of a dog, cat, or other pet to be a great comfort. When the decision is made to move an older loved one to an assisted living facility, the fate
of their four-legged friend can become a big worry for them.

This is where The Pawfessionals Senior Living Petcare can
help! Working with a resident's facility we can create a regimen of pet care that may include: dog walking, feeding/watering, scooping/cleaning litter boxes, administering pet medications, maintaining auto feeders & water fountains, pet taxi, as well
as maintaining pet supplies (food, litter, treats, etc.). So let us create a personalized care plan that will keep pet ownership
in a facility worry free — and allow you or your loved one to simply continue to enjoy the company of that special pal!

Happily an increasing number of assisted living facilities are recognizing the benefits of continued pet ownership for their residents. One of the biggest concerns, however, of allowing seniors to bring their beloved pets to an assisted living com-munity is the need to ensure the pets' continued well-being. 

30-Minute visit (1-2 pets) .................... $23.

Late/early visit surcharge ................. $8

A surcharge for visits scheduled before 7:00am /after 9:00pm.

Holiday surcharge .............................. $5. (per visit)

To view our complete holiday schedule click here.

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