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Max and dad Brady



A sleepy Max



l-r: Brady, Charlie, 

Max, and Gracie

Dallas dog walker
Dallas dog walking service
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Hi, my name is Darren Burleson, owner of The Pawfessionals Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters. Several years ago, I left town for a vacation and, like many pet parents, boarded my Jack Russell Terriers at a kennel. A friend of mine recommended the kennel and, as much as
I could tell, it had a good reputation. I have to admit that I felt a little uncomfortable laying my dog’s beds on the cement floor of their chain link quarters and hearing the incessant barking of the other dogs. Although it was a new experience for them, I assumed my furry kids would quickly adjust and be fine until I got back into town.

The moment my plane landed back home, I went to the kennel to pick up my dogs. What I found when I got there was disconcerting. They were dirty, flea-ridden, nervous and hoarse from barking incessantly. When I got them home, I bathed them and they curled up on their doggie beds and slept for two days! That’s when I decided to take things into my own hands.

Knowing that my dogs, and probably many others, would feel safer and more peaceful at staying at home when their pet parents are out of town, I started The Pawfessionals Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters

I am not saying that all kennels are terrible. However, even good kennels tend to be very expensive and still can’t provide the same comfort pets prefer when they stay in their own, familiar surroundings without their routines being interrupted.

After 10 years in the professional pet care business, clients will still remark how relaxed and happy their pets are when they arrive home. Not to mention the fact that we also bring in their mail and deliveries, water their plants and make the place look lived in! In addition to
our exceptional pet sitting and house sitting services, we are also
the most reliable dog walkers in the business. Our staff is
experienced, professional, bonded and committed to providing
the utmost care for a variety of pets.

This is why our slogan is, “Pawfessional by name, professional
by nature.”

Thanks for reading my story and for checking out our web site.
We look forward to working with you and your pets soon!

dog walker in Dallas

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