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What our clients are saying ...

I can't say enough great things about Pawfessionals! Before discovering their services, I would board my two Chihuahuas at the vet. Inevitably, I would return the next week with some kind of upper respiratory illness or even neck injuries, caused from techs walking them without their harnesses. The older my senior dog got, the more stressed he became with boarding. Not anymore! Rob, especially, is amazing, always promptly returning my "missing them" texts with photos and video of his visits. For the same price for boarding two small dogs, a sitter will spend quality time interacting with my dogs, in addition to the feeding and care. I wish there were ten stars!


Gaye B. 

Have used this company for so many years they are almost family. They have taken care of all 3 of my dogs and I have never had to worry about my dogs or my house. My older Lab had a health issue while I was traveling and they not only took her to the vet
but took extra special care of her once she came home. I would recommend them to any of the pickiest pet owners you will not be disappointed!!!

Christy R.

I was overly impressed with this dog walking service. Rita was responsible for my boxer and home for 3 days. She was very friendly and kept me up to date my entire trip via text messages. She also sent pictures of my pup and let me know when and for how long she was at my home. She was awesome! I will be requesting her next time.


This worked out much better than boarding. I have a high anxiety dog who also does not get a long with other dogs at all. With this service she was able to remain in the comfort of her own home and get plenty of exercise to keep her calm throughout. When I arrived home there was a noted explaining how she did while I was gone. JoJo was happy to see me but not overly anxious or clinging like when I normally leave. She seemed very content. 


Darren was responsible for the paperwork and scheduling aspect. He also did a great job. He was prompt at responding and was also available via text message at all times. I will definitely be using this service again! Everyone exceeded my expectations.

Ellie G.

I have been trusting Pawfessionals, specifically Darren Burleson, to care for our pets for nearly a decade now. Even after moving from Downtown Dallas with two cats in a loft to Richardson with one cat in a house, his services have always been perfect. I generally end up requesting services at the last minute (To
my own shame), but Pawfessionals has still always been super responsive and had our back. I highly recommend Pawfessionals.

Ame H. 

I have been using Pawfessionals for the past year.  Darren has been very dependable, flexible and reasonably priced. He spends the night at my house when I am out of town so that I don't have to board my animals. He even gives my cat medi-cations. I also use him to take my dogs out during the day if I'm not available. I have sometimes called Darren on short notice
and he has always taken care of me. I travel easier knowing I
can call on him.

Karen C.

I can't say enough good things about The Pawfessionals. I've been using them for 6 years whenever I have to leave my two
cats home by themselves for more than 2 nights. I love being
able to leave my cats at home and know that their routine won't be interrupted by my traveling.  


Darren and his team are 100% reliable, even when my schedule is unpredictable. I gave them a key to my place years ago and
it's been a life saver many a time.


When it come to special needs, they always go above and beyond. They don't hesitate to handle special feeding or
medication issues. And one of my cats has a habit of pooping
on the floor (I know, but what are you going to do!?), but the Pawfessionals don't hesitate to pick it up and clean the spot perfectly. They keep the litter box scooped and freshened.  


I would recommend the Pawfessionals to anyone in need
of pet sitting, and have on many occasions.

Jen D.

A wonderful alternative to boarding. 


Had to leave the furballs recently while taking an extended trip and stumbled across The Pawfessionals (yeah, I hate the pun too) while researching places to board them. 


We were immediately excited about having found a possible sitter, so we could avoid the drama of carting the pets to a boarding place (as well as the attendant concerns about them not adapting to a foreign environment and being completely off routine while we were away). Then we met the person who would be taking care of the fuzzy ones and were ecstatic.


He was extremely accommodating to our requests such as taking the dog out three times a day, doling out the treats sparingly, spending time playing, etc. And never did we feel that we were being overly demanding which we may have been, but I severely doubt it.


The service was top-notch. From the text message we received after the first visit to being able to check each day's notes online, we had a good idea of what was happening.


Best of all the pets were healthy, well-fed and didn't seem at all non-plussed that we had been away. Having gone the boarding route in the past, the difference was night and day. Plus, the cost difference between The Pawfessionals and most boarders we considered was negligible even with multiple visits each day.
We may have even come out on the less expensive side of the equation. 


For the sake of my sanity and to prevent too much interruption of the pets' normal routines, I'll definitely use them again whenever
a need arises. And should we develop a need for a dog walker, they'll be the first ones I call.

Patrick W.

I used the Pawfessionals services while I was away for a long weekend trip. Another friend was looking after our dogs but I wanted to be sure they got plenty of exercise during the day. That's when I thought of looking into getting a dog walker. This was our first time using this type of service and we were extremely pleased. Darren walked our dogs every morning and even texted a few pictures of our happy pups which was very comforting. We will definitely use the Pawfessionals again in the future.

Jessica L.

Pawfessionals checked on our 2 cats daily as well as pick up
the boxes and mail off the porch. We have been extremely pleased with Pawfessionals. You get to meet with your personal pet care person.  Darren Burleson has been our pet sitter for 2 years and he has been wonderful! We got to interview him in our home and go over the different services we would need. He was very thorough and asked a variety of questions. You can sign up online and decided daily when you would like them to stop by your home. I feel comfortable going out of town, knowing our house and cats are being checked on daily.

Amy S.

Perform daily dog walking. Always great. Rob is friendly and
my dogs respond great to him. Never had an issue with them|
and I have been using them for more than a year. Highly recommended.

Spencer D.


Always frustrated by coming home to an annoyed and pouting cat who had been ignored or neglected by well intended neighbors and friends that I recruited to "check in on her". I finally decided I needed a professional! After contacting several pet sitters that either failed to respond at all or seemed totally under-whelmed with my request for 3 days of cat sitting, I emailed Pawfessionals around 8:30 one evening to see if they could help me. Much to my surprise and delight Darren responded almost immediately via email saying they would be happy to pet sit for me, attached a link for more information about the company
and said he would call me the next morning to set up a time for
a first meeting.  


The following morning Darren called, was extremely pleasant
and very professional, scheduled a free consulttaion to meet my Darby and pick up keys. Following our conversation I received
an email directing me to fill out a pet profile which covers absolutely everything! I was beyond impressed! Since this was my first time using a pet sitter, a few days before my trip I was wondering if I should call to confirm my upcoming dates when all of a sudden I received an email from Pawfessionals noting the dates scheduled, the sitters name and that visits would be made in the mornings.  


Today I returned to one very happy and extremely relaxed cat
that acted as if she hadn't even noticed I had been missing not
to mention absent during a huge thunderstorm! Thank you Darren!! You are wonderful! 

Sherri W.

Darren and Rob walk our two labs - 4 times a week (an hour for each walk). We started using them in December 2014 and we
are still using them. The walks are not only for stimulation but
also for weight loss. 


Top Notch dog walkers! We are so pleased with the service we received and continue to receive. They are on time, consistent, reliable, and very professional. They are definitely "dog people" and I say this because of the positive ways my dogs respond to them. They are easy-going and we feel extremely comfortable
with them in our home and taking care of pups. Our dogs are
well-exercised (and I'm thrilled to report that they've both lost weight – yay!). In the several months that we've used this company – there's been no drama – I say this because I've
used other dog walking services and the opposite was true.
Expensive but well worth the money.

Kellie K.

I've been using Pawfessionals for daily dog walks for the last 3 years. Mary is my regular walker, and she's amazing. She is a nice, trustworthy person who truly loves animals. My bossy old dog loves her. Darren is also very helpful and responsive when I have last minute schedule changes. I have only good things to say about Pawfessionals!


Laura K. 

Yelp review

We contacted Darren about pet sitting for our dogs after talking to him at his booth at a local fund raising event. Darren came over to our house prior the scheduled visit to meet the dogs and get the specifics of our expectations for the visit. At the very start we knew we had found our pet sitter. Darren spent time getting to know each of the dogs so they were familiar with him when it came time for his visits. Since the initial visit we have used Pawfessional several times, for afternoon visits and for extended periods of time while on vacations. I would recommend Pawfessionals for the pickiest Dog Lovers. He is great.


Stacy P. 

Yelp review

5 Paws! I've had my boy Lucky for a year and a half, and I am so glad I found this company. I travel a lot, and I needed a reliable, conscientious service so I could relax and not worry about him when I'm gone. My ex-partner, Tommy, found these guys on a
trip to New York as it turns out, and I couldn't be happier. I also work  in Denton as an ip administrator, and living in Las Colinas,
I occasionally need them to visit before I get home. They've just been stellar, and I highly recommend them.


Joe A. 

There is no one I trust more than Darren, Rob and Mary with my girls. I have used their services since I moved to Dallas 7 years ago. I would give them 10 stars if I could. 


They are professional, super nice and so easy to work with. I am horrible at booking last minute and every single time they are here! It is such a great feeling knowing my dogs are at home in their own environment, safe, and happy because this company goes beyond the 'service'. I am very happy to recommend this company to anyone.


Adria J. 

Yelp review

AWESOME DOG WALKER!! We have used Rob from the Pawfessionals for three years while living in the downtown Dallas area. I was always comfortable knowing our dogs were in good hands. Rob was always there when he said he would be and went above and beyond when it came to the care of our dogs and our home. I loved the online updates and pictures he would send. Max and Prince looked forward to their mid day walks! Thanks Rob for all of your help! Your professionalism and flexibility is truly appreciated! We will miss you now that we have moved to NYC! Full disclaimer: I also reviewed the Pawfessionals - Dallas on Yahoo & Google today.


Brad S. 

Pawfessionals visits my cats twice a day for 30 minutes each visit. I engage Pawfessionals every six weeks. Fresh wet food is served, the litter box is cleaned, and the cats are engaged in petting, etc.

They are superb! When I moved into my house, Pawfessionals noticed the need to set up the electronic cat door for me during
a visit and did it at no extra charge! The cat areas are always impeccably cleaned and all refuse is taken away. Also, I am
called if there are any issues with my house or the cats. I am EXTREMELY pleased with this service! Pawfessionals also provides a lockout service should I ever be locked out of my house. I have never used it, but it is a nice bonus. 


Martha G. 

The Pawfessionals are very reasonably priced for their dog walking services. They were able to schedule services for an extended period at very short notice. Mary Ridenhour fed and walked my dog for several weeks while I was out of the country. My dog absolutely adores her! Mary obviously loves dogs too. She was very flexible with the schedule to meet my dog's needs and was available at very short notice when I needed her for
an extra day. She even offered to jog with my dog who needs vigorous activity on a regular basis. Mary definitely went above and beyond. I highly recommend The Pawfessionals and Mary Ridenhour. 

Kelly P.

It was the 3rd week of January and I was preparing for my destination wedding and honeymoon which would take me out
of this country for over a week. I had hired another dog sitter and as my departure date closed in I discovered that I had made a major mistake that could endanger my pet and my property as well. I found Pawfessionals online and here on Angie's List as well. I called them immediately, told the owner my plight and he took action, coming to my home for an interview accompanied
by a qualified sitter.


Not only did they accommodate me but they set my mind at ease providing me with complete credentials and personal attention to details. My little dog is special needs and they rose to the task without hesitation. My precious little blind girl received not only adequate care but a major dose of love as well. She was glad to see me when I returned home but was quite content with the arrangement she had during my absence. My home was in order, I was given complete details of what went on during my absence and both the owner and the sitter checked in with me to make sure I had arrived home safely. I am sure if I had not confirmed same they would have come running to check on their four legged charge. These folks are amazing and I am a fan and will be their client as long as they will have me. I have used other "top" services in the Park Cities area but given a choice I put
The Pawfessionals at the head of my list.


Put your worries on the shelf and your mind at ease. You can't go wrong trusting this company. My wedding went off without a hitch and I went away knowing that my furry friend would be safe and happy while I was away. A+++++++++. 

Marcia W.

Darren has taken excellent care of my cat, Charlie, when I have been out of town on three different occasions. Prior to the first time I worked with Pawfessionals, Darren came for a home visit to meet Charlie. Darren was very thorough during the visit to make sure he knew all information about Charlie's routine. During the time that I have been away, Darren sends updates to me to let me know how things are going, which I always appreciate!I definitely recommend Darren at Pawfessionals! Whenever I have to go out of town, I feel confident and assured that my cat is getting the best care!


Nicole M. 

Awesome service - friendly folks! I have very long workdays and count on The Pawfessionals to get my two energetic Labs out when I'm gone. They have been super-responsive to my requests, even at the last minute, and my guys are always happy and the house stays clean. I've also had an excellent experience with overnights when I've had to leave for a few days. Thanks You!! Anna Biggs, Dallas, TX


Anna B. 

Have been using pawfessionals for about 8 months for dog walking and couldn't be more pleased with my walker. She goes above and beyond and let's me know my dog is in safe hands everyday while I go to work! 


Kelly A. 

Darren and Mary with the Pawfessionals have been taking care of Jake for over 7 years. They give him the attention and play time that he needs. We leave town and know that he is in good hands.


Mark S. 

The Pawfessionals Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters took care of my
three cats (Tigger, Phoebe & Piper) while I was out of town. We scheduled two visits per day. This last service was needed due
to a family emergency, so my appointment was made at the last minute. Not a problem! They gladly accepted my request for service.  


It went great! Each time we have engaged with The Pawfessionals Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters I can tell the difference. My cats are shy and probably do not come out during their visit; however I can tell when returning they seem less agitated than with previous sitters.  This is a definite plus for me! Also, the house is always exactly as it was left. Also a plus! They even put out food for my ferral cats which is great. It is a relief to be able to travel and know my fur babies are in good hands with The Pawfessionals Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters.


Wendy E. 

Yelp review

We have been using the Pawfessionals for years and love them! I have two dogs and one is very skittish. They are always so patient and easy with her, she really loves them too! My dogs are very special to me and I would not let just anyone walk or stay with them. These guys are the bomb!!!


Beth G. 

Love these guys! Mary usually walks my girls and they just love her. Darren is also great and we are comfortable with anyone they would send over. They are all dog lovers too so are patient and great with pets.


Elizabeth G. 

The Pawfessionals have been taking care of my 2 dogs for the past 7 years.  It is so nice that they can stay in their own environment while I am out of town. They are well taken care of - happy and healthy when I arrive home. Thanks Darren and the Team!


Laurie S. 

I've been using Pawfessionals for a daily dog walk since I moved to Dallas three years ago. Mary takes care of my stubborn old dog, and she is wonderful with her. She is a true animal lover. She also leaves a note reporting on the walk every day and sometimes sends me photos of my dog in the middle of the day. Darren, the owner and Mary are also very accommodating when I have last minute schedule changes. The service is great, and the people are friendly. I recommend Pawfessionals to anyone looking for help with their pets.


Laura K. 

One of their dog walkers, Mary, is absolutely wonderful. She has been walking our special needs, senior dog for over a year and we couldn't be more pleased. Mary is one of the family. Our dog loves her — we love her. She spends time giving love, is mindful of the surroundings when taking the dog out, and leaves a note of how the walk went. Mary is truly a blessing! The company is well-run and responsive. Walk prices are reasonable (about the same as day care). When we had snow early in March, both the company and Mary contacted me proactively about getting to the apartment. They also willing issued a credit when Mary couldn't get there due to weather. I appreciate The Pawfessionals-Dallas and Mary so much. Thank you for caring for my dog so well!


Emily C. 

Yelp review

 I love these guys! My dogwalker, Darren, is always attentive and my dogs love him.  The walks, according to my neighbor, are about 20-30 minutes, and the Pawfessionals are reliable, good people.  :)



Love, Love, Love Pawfessionals! The have never let us down.
We trust them to take loving care of our dog and cat. Our dog is elderly and has some health issue and is on quite a few Meds. Pawfessionals does an excellent job in making sure the meds are taken on time. Can't say enough about their attention to detail and the love they give to our pets. Very highly recommend them!


Susan H. 

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